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Max Bill
Influences of Pioneers in Architecture in and from Belgium
(translated from the German manuscript).

From: Belgium and Europe
Proceedings of the International Fralqui-Colloquium, Brussels-Ghent, 12-14 November 1981, pp. 229-236

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Max Bill
Stability or an Open Attitude Towards the Future

Vortrag bei einer Expertenkonferenz der Unesco
"The effects of technological innovations on man's cultural environment"
(July 19, 1976, Nairobi).

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Max Bill
Ein Denkmal
Werk, Heft 7 / 1957, pp. 250-254.
pp. 247-249: Will Grohmann / Max Bill und die Synthese..

Max Bill
Wassily Kandinsky
Werk, Heft 4 / 1946, pp. 129-132.

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